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Gulfstream G-200

Gulfstream G-200

Welcome to the luxurious Gulfstream G-200! Our charter service offers you an unparalleled travel experience with the G-200's exceptional performance and sophisticated cabin. Whether you're flying for business or leisure, our fully customizable interior and top-notch amenities ensure your comfort and productivity throughout your journey. With its impressive range and fuel efficiency, the Gulfstream G-200 allows you to reach your destination efficiently and without compromise. Experience the epitome of luxury and convenience with Evilot Enterprises Jet Charter access and the Gulfstream G-200.

The Gulfstream G200, originally known as the IAI Galaxy, is a mid-sized, twin-engine business jet designed for intercontinental travel. It was produced as a joint venture between Gulfstream Aerospace and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). 

1. Performance:

  • The Gulfstream G200 is known for its impressive performance capabilities. It has a maximum cruising speed of approximately Mach 0.85 (around 560 knots) and a range of approximately 3,400 nautical miles (6,297 kilometers), allowing it to fly nonstop on transcontinental and some intercontinental routes.

2. Cabin and Interior:

  • The cabin of the G200 is designed for comfort and luxury, typically accommodating between 8 to 10 passengers in a standard configuration. The cabin is around 24 feet (7.32 meters) long and 7.2 feet (2.19 meters) wide, offering ample space for passengers to move around freely during the flight.
  • The interior is fully customizable, and owners can choose from various seating arrangements, cabin configurations, and amenities to suit their preferences and needs.
  • The G200 cabin usually features a forward galley equipped with essential appliances for food and beverage preparation, as well as a spacious aft lavatory. Some cabins also have an optional enclosed lavatory or wardrobe area.
  • The seating can be arranged in comfortable club-style configurations with plush, ergonomic seats. There may also be a divan or convertible divan/bed for resting during long flights.
  • The aircraft's cabin is equipped with large windows, allowing plenty of natural light to illuminate the interior, creating an open and airy ambiance.

3. Avionics and Technology:

  • The Gulfstream G200 is equipped with an advanced avionics suite to enhance flight safety and navigation. The cockpit features the latest avionics systems, including flight management systems (FMS), navigation and communication equipment, and weather radar.
  • The aircraft often comes with an autopilot system and various advanced flight control features, contributing to a smooth and efficient flight experience for both the pilots and passengers.

4. Performance and Efficiency:

  • The G200 is well-regarded for its fuel efficiency, allowing it to operate cost-effectively on long-haul flights. Its twin-engine design provides redundancy and safety while reducing fuel consumption compared to older generation jets.

5. Baggage Compartment:

  • The Gulfstream G200 has a spacious baggage compartment accessible during the flight, allowing passengers to bring their belongings and essentials comfortably.
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